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Children of Thomas E. & Cornelia F. Rickenbacker


The children of Thomas and Cornelia Rickenbacker got together periodically and often commemorated the occasion with a group photograph. These are in order by approximate date, from earliest to latest.


This photo and the two below were apparently all taken at the same time. The location is the front yard of Aunt Maggie's house in Cameron. Aunt Maggie was Margaret Eloise (Rickenbacker) Culler. The photos were apparently taken in the Spring of 1917 when Flossie and 1 year old Gurney, Jr. were visiting from Colorado.

First Row: Maggie, Flossie, Lizzie
Second Row: John, Tolson, Walter, Ashby

These three photos courtesy of John Rickenbaker Freeman.



Above (l-r): Lizzie, Ashby, John, Flossie, Maggie, Walter, Tolson.
Left (l-r): Walter, Ashby, John, Maggie, Lizzie, Flossie, Tolson

Back (l to r): Tolson, Walter, John, Ashby

Front (l to r): Flossie, Maggie, Lizzie

(Photo taken about 1930?)


Back (l to r) Tolson, Walter, Ashby, John

Front (l to r) Lizzie, Maggie

(Photo taken late 1940s?)

Back (l to r): Walter, John, Ashby, Tolson

Front (l to r): Maggie, Lizzie, Flossie

(Photo taken about 1950)


Back (l to r) Walter, Maybelle (Dantzler), Flossie, Jessie (Black), Tolson

Front (l to r) Lou (Salley), Maggie, John, Lizzie, Ashby.

(Photo taken at the same time as the one above)

Back (l to r) Tolson, Walter, Ashby, John, Gurney Paule

Front (l to r) Lizzie, Maggie, Lou (Salley), Maybelle (Dantzler), Jessie (Black), Flossie

(Photo taken about 1952)



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