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These pages are focused primarily on the ancestors of Jim and Jeanne (Rembert) Rickenbacker but many other associated individuals are included.

Combined Database

Surnames List - surnames of some 4,200 individuals included in the database

Master Index - searchable by by surname.

The Rembert Family

Rambert Baptism Records - from Pont en Royans, France.

Bible Records of:
William S. Richardson (1834 - ?)

Last Will and Testament of:
Abiga Rembert (1743 - 1805)
Thomas Rembert (? - 1820)

Missing Links - looking for any information on parents or siblings of these individuals:
William S. Richardson (1834 - ?)

Other Rembert Info:
Family Photographs

The Rickenbacker Family

The First Rickenbachers of Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Documents from the Swiss Archives - for families Rickenbacher, Till, Giegelman and Strauman.

Rickenbacher Family Marriage and Baptism Records - from Kilchberg, Runenberg, and Zeglingen, Switzerland. Ancestors of the Heinrich Rickenbacher who emigrated to South Carrolina in 1735 as well as ancestors of the Heinrich Rickenbacher who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1740. Update 13 Jan 08

Swiss Database - data compiled by Franz Nostitz from Werner Hug's "Stammtafeln Rickenbacher Rickenbach Riggenbach von Zeglingen Runenberg Oltingen Basel"
Surnames List - surnames of some 3400 individuals included in the database
Master Index - searchable by by surname.

Rickenbacher Surname DNA Study - Study to identify the links between the many variants of the Rickenbacher surname.

Rickenbacker Research - Ongoing research into the Orangeburg Rickenbacker families with some speculative possibilities on the missing links.

Lineage Chart for Eddie Rickenbacker - "Are you related to Eddie Rickenbacker?" is a question often heard by Rickenbackers. This page may provide the answer.

Till Family Marriage and Baptism Records - from Pratteln, Switzerland. Ancestors of Nicholas Till who emigrated to South Carolina in 1736.

Homeland of the Rickenbachers
A 1750 woodcut - the Kilchberg, Zeglingen, Runenberg area in Switzerland from the Ryhiner Collection at the University of Berne.
Runenberg, Kilchberg & Zeglingen as seen from the hills above Zeglingen. The view is to the northwest and most of Zeglingen is hidden under the brow of the hill.

War Between the States
"Private F. W. D."  PDF Icon  - Experiences of my great-grandfather, Frederick W. Dantzler in the Civil War. First Published in the Orangeburg Sun in 1909, these articles were compiled into a booklet by his daughter Ruth Dantzler Wolfe sometime after 1936. This is an electronic copy made from one of those booklets.
Rickenbacker Letters - Letters from my great-grandfather Thomas E. Rickenbacker to his parents and others (letter copies provided by Eiizabeth P. Rickenbaker). Coming Soon

Larr Family Cemetery - small burial ground near I26 and US601.
Old Rickenbacker Cemetery - graves moved to Memorial Park Cemetery abt. 1950.
Rickenbacker Family Burial Grounds
Old Zimmerman Cemetery - 2.5 miles NW of Cameron, SC.

Bible Records
H. L. Rickenbacker (1826 - 1897)
S. E. Rickenbacker (1814 - 1880)
T. E. Rickenbacker (1840 - 1899)

T. E. Rickenbacker (1840 - 1899)

Missing Links - looking for any information on parents or siblings of these individuals:
Mrs. Rickenbacker (Abt. 1746 - 1807)
Salena (???) Rickenbacker (Bet. 1750-1760 - Aft. 1830)
Elizabeth W. (???) Rickenbacker (Abt. 1770 - 1852)
Henry I. Rickenbacker (1811 - 1896)
Henry Lewis Rickenbacker (1826 - 1897)
Martha Ann (Rickenbacker) Sturkie (Abt. 1781 - ?)
Rachel (Rickenbaker) Larr (1806 - 1851)
Ruben Rickenbacker (Abt. 1796 - ?)

Other Rickenbacker Info
The Name - the origin of the Rickenbacher name.
Family Photographs - a collection of early photographs from the Rickenbacker and associated families.
References - Important references in my Rickenbacher research
Errata - A collection of erroneous assertions that have caused me much grief.

Other Interesting Items

Orangeburg Area
Four Holes School Students, about 1899/1900.
Orangeburg High School Graduating Class - 1910.
Cameron Baptist Church Easter Egg Hunt - 1947.
Orangeburg Maps - old maps of Orangeburg and the surrounding area.
Google Maps - plat overlays and genealogical locations in Orangeburg and the surrounding area.

Cousins Table - a handy reference to cousins, particularly the "removed" kind.
Perpetual Calendar - a handy reference to monthly calendars for past and future years.
Links - these are some genealogical sites I've found useful.

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